Finishes & Mosaics

A beautiful and extensive choice of pool finishes is available including stunning Italian glass mosaic or warm Aegean ceramic mosaic for the internal lining and luxurious, fine stones such as slate, marble, limestone or sandstone for the pool surround.

Fine, high quality ceramic mosaics with a deep, wet-look and 'natural' mineral patterning, where no two pieces are the same and the rich colour-mixes seem to burst from the centre of each small masterpiece. Where heat and water come together in your swimming pool, a practical yet stylish solution is required. Nothing expresses individuality better than mosaics.

It is true that designers lead the charge toward glass tile use in swimming pools for aesthetic reasons, but the most important reasons for this change in trend are firmly anchored in the building and construction sector, where functionality and stability are the most important factors to consider. Glass mosaic tile's functionality as a surface treatment in water surrounds is unsurpassed.

The finest stone and marble can be sourced for your project and add elegance and opulence to your pool and surround. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available.